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Process Industry

Improving your productivity with transformational process engineering


We specialise in supporting process industry customers and improving their manufacturing capability. Our expertise lies in establishing and improving overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) to create value across the lifecycle of their process assets. From designing, fabricating, installing, and maintaining core customer processes, we help our clients strike a delicate balance between managing performance, risk, and cost.

We understand that the performance of our clients’ critical assets is crucial to their bottom line and our teams work hard to manage their assets through every phase of the lifecycle. Our teams have a proven track record of improving the reliability of our customers’ process equipment and introducing robust plant maintenance practices.

We provide comprehensive support for new installations to increase capacity, from planning and design to manufacture and installation. We also specialise in relocating, refurbishing, and upgrading existing equipment, delivering a measurable evolution in process improvement and advancing the core productivity of our customers’ operations.


Process Engineering

We are experts in the planning, design manufacture and installation of technology and processes to increase capacity and keep manufacturing facilities running efficiently.

Asset Care

We maintain and improve critical plant and equipment to maximise operational uptime, improve output and minimise costly business disruption.


We operate across England, Scotland and Wales with sixteen offices and service centres located in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness, Burton on Trent, Swadlincote, Louth, Newcastle, Manchester, Warrington, Peterborough, Daresbury, Tapton, Reading, Mildenhall, Whitehaven and Birmingham.

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