Parker Technical Services helps Alexandra Dental Care get back to business

EJ Parker Technical Services has helped Derbyshire dental practice Alexandra Dental Care get back to business. The installation of new heat recovery ventilation has allowed the practice to significantly reduce the fallow time between patients and increase operations to around 80 per cent capacity.

Following the pandemic outbreak in 2020, Government guidelines resulted in a fallow time of almost one hour between patients when an AGP procedure took place. The resulting reduction in capacity led to long waiting lists and was not sustainable for the business long term.

Engineers at Parker proposed an economical and more aesthetically pleasing solution that could be installed in every surgery. As a result of the works, the practice reduced fallow time to 15 minutes, which has had a significant positive impact on patient care.

George Savva, principal dentist at Alexandra Dental Care, said: “The team at Parker has made a huge difference to our business. Patient care is always our priority, and before the works were completed, we were operating at around 50 per cent capacity to ensure we fully adhered to safety procedures.

“Had it continued, this reduction in capacity would have made the business less viable.  More importantly, it had a significant impact on our patients. Many non-emergency procedures had to be put on hold, which has potential long-term effects on patient health.

“Parker worked with us to design a solution that would help us get back to business, and they did much of the work out of hours to ensure no further disruption to the practice.”

EJ Parker Technical Services offers a complete package of technical services for the built environment. Part of the Edwin James Group, the business works with clients to deliver safe, efficient and practical results.

Sean Smyth, chairman at EJ Parker Technical Services, continued: “It’s been great to see the huge difference that this project has made to Alexandra Dental Care. Increasing the number of patients through the doors will protect the business into the future and provides much-needed appointments to patients.

“Our team worked hard to overcome several technical and aesthetic challenges, and the result has been a big success. It’s great to see the surgery operating at more normal levels. ”