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Askia Muhammad - Engineering manufacturing technician


Age: 19

Title: Engineering manufacturing technician, Parker Technical Services

How did you hear about the apprenticeship opportunity?

Via the government website

When did you start your apprenticeship at Parker and what made you want to apply?

I started my apprenticeship back in September 2021, because I wanted to complete the final year and achieve my NVQ L3 to become a qualified electrician.

How long is your apprenticeship?

My apprenticeship is for four years.

Askia Muhammad

"Askia has impressed with his keenness to both learn and understand the way 400 Volt Motor Control Centres and Switchboards are designed, produced and operate. In addition to working alongside Panel Wiremen and a Test Engineer in our factory we have had him reviewing multiple power circuit types from simple feeders through direct on - line starters to variable frequency drives and calculating the level of power factor correction required and its need for tuning on part of a large project for export."

Paul Grocott, Technical Sales Manager, Parker Technical Services


Which course / courses / qualifications will you be undertaking as part of your apprenticeship?

The Level 4 HNC in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Are you enjoying the apprenticeship at Parker so far?


Which elements of being an apprentice do you think are the most interesting / have you enjoyed the most? (the projects, working as part of a skilled team, learning whilst on the job etc)

The most interesting aspects of the job so far are learning how to read schematics and learning about different equipment and how they work.

Have you been involved in any standout projects? What have you enjoyed learning about the most / being part of?

Learning at college about electronics, and different physics phenomena.


"The nature of Askia's college course demands an understanding of not only electrical and electronic but also mechanical engineering as they are invariably interlinked in the process industries. The attainment of Distinction level grades in his first 6 months with us is a credit to his work ethic."

Paul Grocott, Technical Sales Manager, Parker Technical Services

What key skills are you learning during your apprenticeship?

How to read schematics and build control circuitry.

How have you found the support whilst undertaking your apprenticeship?

Every so often there is a session that reviews every apprentice’s progress and deals with any questions or queries.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship to other people considering it?


What do you see yourself doing in 3-5 years?

I’m currently still deciding on what I would like to do.



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