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Maintenance Engineering Services

For ‘Always On’ Customer Environments

Effective Maintenance Solutions for operational environments

Edwin James Group are a multi-disciplinary engineering services provider, with over 1,000 skilled professionals supporting customers across the UK to deliver transformational activities within their process, digital, and built environments.

We have a deep understanding of the priorities and challenges posed by operational environments, and we work with global organisations to provide customised maintenance solutions that meet their unique needs.

Our Facilities Maintenance & Asset Care services are designed to ensure optimal uptime, applying advanced techniques for early fault detection and maintenance planning, with a focus on environmental sustainability and reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint.

We deliver building maintenance through mobile and static engineering teams, leveraging technology to enhance asset health and performance. Our Asset Care teams operate within process and manufacturing environments, delivering solutions for process maintenance, engineering compliance, and decarbonisation. This breadth and depth of capability has provided the foundation from which to redefine maintenance operations.

The ‘Always-On’ Challenge : Optimising Operational Reliability & Efficiency

We work with each customer to understand their requirements and how their operational environment affects their ability to function effectively.

Our Facilities Maintenance & Asset Care services have the potential to improve uptime and output from your process and production activities. We make sure your assets are always up and running, and we also ensure safety and compliance, provide clear performance insights, strategic cost management, and drive decarbonisation efforts.

What sets us apart is our ability to bring together a wide range of capabilities and experiences, as well as our expertise in technology and specific domains.

This unique blend of attributes underpins our Always-On solution.

Domain Knowledge:

Our ability to maximise availability and reliability is shaped by our deep understanding of the operating environment within the UK’s most complex and regulated sectors, such as Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Utilities, Life Sciences, and Nuclear. This understanding allows us to identify the limitations and opportunities within each specific environment and tailor our maintenance solutions accordingly.

Technology Integration:

We provide the technology to enable Data-Driven Decisions:

1. Condition-Based Monitoring: Advanced techniques for early fault detection and maintenance planning.

2. Decarbonisation: Energy Management, Carbon Accounting -scope 1, 2 and 3 reporting.

3. Advance Automation Engineering: From PLC support to software modifications and training.

Unique Breadth of Capability:

To support our delivery teams for mechanical and electrical maintenance, we have a community of Reliability Engineers who provide specific support ranging from Failure Mode Analysis to Predictive Maintenance. This is a distinctive blend of cross-group capabilities that includes asset optimisation and maintenance software.

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Our Maintenance Services Include:

Integrated Facilities Maintenance & Asset Care

We take a holistic approach that combines both facilities maintenance and asset care for seamless operations, including predictive and preventive maintenance strategies.

Our Services

Facilities Maintenance

Our expert mechanical and electrical teams deliver planned and reactive maintenance for the built environment, including CAFM services, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and associated systems. We leverage building management systems (BMS) and IoT for enhanced efficiency.

Facilities Maintenance

Asset Care

We ensure equipment safety, compliance and reliability within process and production environments, delivering advanced maintenance regimes, including condition monitoring and reliability-centred maintenance (RCM).

Asset Care

Case Studies - We work with global organisations, providing comprehensive Maintenance Engineering Services

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