EJ Parker donates to Inverness Botanic Gardens

High Life Highland is delighted to announce a number of generous donations from the Inverness branch of EJ Parker to the Inverness Botanic Gardens.  High Life Highland is a Scottish charity formed in October 2011 by Parker’s client The Highland Council as its arms-length charity.

These donations include the installment of energy-efficient heating improvements, as well as £2000 towards the GROW and BEE Projects.

At the heart of its operations, and the biggest strength of Parker as an organisation, has always been its people and its community.

John Dawson, Commercial Director for Parker Scotland, shared: “The primary purpose of the installation project was to replace the old underground heating pipes with modern pre-insulated pipework.

“The modern insulated pipework will benefit the gardens by delivering heating at a consistent temperature and minimising heat loss which in turn reduces the running cost for Inverness Botanic Gardens.  We also upgraded their electronic controls to coordinate the outside temperature with the inside, which then manages the heat demand in each greenhouse.

“As soon as we arrived on site, we were blown away by the team and the activities within the Inverness Botanic Gardens.  From the greenhouses and gardens to the café and volunteer groups, we were surrounded by people who were dedicated to making the gardens a great place to visit.  The year-round hard work of the team delivers huge value to the local community, and we hope our donation will help the GROW and BEE project groups to continue their outstanding work.”

GROW stands for ‘Garden Recycle Organics Wildlife’, and the project provides a sympathetic environment for adults with a learning disability that uses horticulture therapy to deliver training and work experience which goes towards improving trainees’ levels of independence, social inclusion, health, and happiness.

The BEE Project stands for the ‘Botanic Eco Explorers’, which is an educational club aimed at children aged 6-14, to help with understanding and engaging with nature.

Ewan Mackintosh, High Life Highland’s Facilities Manager for Inverness Botanic Gardens, concluded: “

Thanks to everyone at Parker for this generous donation. We look forward to using this money to buy more gardening tools and upgrade our existing compost facilities. The people working for Parker were brilliant to have on-site – always friendly and helpful.”

Every donation is gratefully received and will go directly towards the maintenance and improvement of the Gardens, especially community activities such as the GROW and BEE projects.
For more information, get in touch: Inverness.Botanics@highlifehighland.com