Edwin James Group supports Edmonton EcoPark project to transform green waste hub

Edwin James Group is nearing completion of a project to assist the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) in its £1.42 – £1.52 billion North London Heat and Power Project. The project aims to create the greenest Energy Recovery Facility in the country, along with state-of-the-art recycling facilities.

Working together, group companies EJ Parker Technical Services and EJ Peak Technology Solutions delivered complex projects totalling over £37m, covering comprehensive M&E, mechanical and electrical services, extensive automation and control implementation, and the largest solar array in North London.

EJ Parker Technical Services was responsible for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of wide-ranging M&E works. These included lighting, venting and AC, security and fire suppression, waste management, and rainwater collection. The team also installed 2,235 solar modules and 11 Solis Inverters that will produce renewable energy, equivalent to powering 300 homes a year. The implementation of this sustainable energy solution is projected to reduce CO2 emissions by 334,602 kg per year, equivalent to the impact of planting 8,830 trees annually.

EJ Peak Technology Solutions was engaged to collate a comprehensive control philosophy for the site, including electrical and fibre optic network design, systems architecture, and various aspects of the infrastructure. The team consulted with all package vendors in order to design and integrate their systems into the new bespoke SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) system and ensured that all logistical movements and efficient site operational needs were met whilst complying with necessary legislative requirements.

Subsequently, Peak was commissioned to carry out the entire works scope, based on the approved design, including a new site-wide PLC control system, new SCADA build/deployment, and full design/integration of the new site-wide BMS system.

Commenting on the project, Christopher Kehoe, CEO, Edwin James Group, said: “Given the complex and regulated nature of the project, the combined efforts of both companies have been crucial in its successful execution. We believe in harnessing innovative technologies and collaborative teamwork for a greener future and are proud to support the North London Waste Authority in its mission to establish the greenest waste hub in the country. Together, we are setting new standards for waste management, renewable energy generation, and carbon reduction.”

The project was awarded by Taylor Woodrow as part of a major contract to deliver the first Reuse and Recycling Centre open to the public at the site.

Edmonton EcoPark is a waste management site of approximately 38 acres. The existing Energy from Waste facility is coming to the end of its life, having served north London for over 50 years. The redevelopment aims to generate electricity for 127,000 homes, provide hot water and heating for 60,000, and improve air quality using advanced technology, saving the carbon equivalent of removing 110,000 cars annually.