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Peak was approached by our client, a national utilities company, to support the completion of the DWI scheme for improvements in final water quality instrumentation.


Peak was approached to support the completion of the DWI scheme for improvements in final water quality instrumentation at our client’s Water Treatment Works site.

The project was time sensitive as the work needed to be completed by the end of the year to meet obligations for the DWI.

An existing framework supplier had largely completed instrumentation and systems integration work. The remaining tasks were to link the loss of validation signals from the new instruments to the site shutdown system (Reg26) and updating the SCADA system with the new shutdown triggers and inhibits. 


Due to the rigorous processes in place and the significant experience that the team already had in the utilities sector, Peak was able to respond quickly to the enquiry. The leadership team had the authority to reallocate projects as required and an engineer with specific client site experience was identified and allocated to the project. Every team member was aware of the project process and could move as quickly or slowly as required to ensure deadlines were met and quality achieved.

The engineer worked with our client DWI project team to arrange for site access in order to take software backups of the PLC and SCADA systems.

FDS and test documentation were prepared and submitted to our client’s DWI team and a CFAT was successfully undertaken at Peak’s premises in Daresbury.

Peak resolved an issue with shutdown triggers which, if  left unresolved, would have significantly impacted the dealine and resulted in our client failing to meet its obligations under the DWI.  Knowing how vital it was for the deadline to be met, our Peak engineer worked in conjunction with the client’s ICA engineer and the framework supplier, staying on-site to coordinate the remedial actions required. When completed, the engineer retested the site shutdown triggers to ensure the site was fully regulation 26 compliant.


As a result of the support, final testing was completed on time  to the satisfaction of the site ICA engineer, site process team and area controller, all of whom were present on-site to witness the testing.

“Thank you very much for your time his week. I don’t think anyone expected it to become an all week affair, or a 6pm+ finish. Your diligence and professionalism throughout has resulted in leaving the water treatment facility in a better position than it was at the start of the week”

ICA Engineer - national utilities client

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