M&E for £1.4 million Science Centre project

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  • Secondary School

  • £1.4m

Parker Technical Services was appointed by their client to undertake the mechanical and electrical building services for a 1.4m contract for a Modern Science Museum


The Science Centre is a state-of-the-art teaching faculty at one of the oldest and most respected independent schools in the county.

One of the major challenges of the project revolved around the supply of services to the 18 teaching laboratories and technical support facilities.

Each room required its own mechanical ventilation with a heat recovery unit (MVHR) in the suspended ceilings. This left limited space above the MVHR ductwork for the key services: gas pipes, water pipes, drain pipes, electrical wiring and light fittings.


To be certain of fitting all the elements comfortably into the required space, Parker designed a 3D model of the containment area prior to installation. The model allowed the team to plot the optimum positioning of the services, substantially reducing the potential for errors and costly delays during the build. This was replicated across each of the 21 workspaces. The resulting fitting proceeded very smoothly.

The M&E package included a number of environmental enhancements that will enable the school to reduce future energy consumption. The lighting has an automated local intelligence (DALI) control system in the atrium that allows the main lighting to alter automatically as lux levels fluctuate during the day.

Each classroom was also fitted with proving units, manually controlled by school staff to ensure the MVHR and utilities are switched off at the end of each school day.

The facility also had photovoltaic panels installed on the roof by Parker’s specialist in house company.

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