£500,000 PV System Design & Install for the greenest EcoPark in London

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  • North London Recycling Energy Recovery Facility

  • £500,000

  • 16-weeks

Parker Energy’s client is a large Recycling Energy Recovery Facility in North London. The facility manages around a quarter of all the rubbish and recycling in London. To help tackle the climate emergency and to prevent rubbish going to landfill, the client is redeveloping the current EcoPark into the greenest Energy Recovery Facility in the country.


Parker Energy were enlisted by the client to design and install a huge state or the art PV system for the new EcoPark in North London. A 16-week project with a value of just under £500,000.  The PV system will help deliver the client’s objectives to:

  • Generate electricity for up to 127,000 homes
  • Supply hot water and heating for up to 50,000 local homes and businesses (no gas boilers)
  • Improve local air quality by using the most advanced technology to capture emissions
  • Save as much carbon as taking 110,000 cars off the road each year
  • Contribute to achieving 50% household recycling rates


For 16-weeks, Parker Energy engineers worked with the client to design and develop a leading PV system for the Energy Facility, which consisted of 2235 solar modules and 11 Solis PV inverters.

On what was a tight timeframe, there were numerous challenges faced by Parker Energy’s team, including the fact the system was being installed on a pitched metal roof, which made working on it during hot or rainy weather conditions almost impossible. Continuity between trades also put pressure on project timings, with sections of the roof shut off at various points.

The Parker Energy teams liaised daily with the client’s onsite health and safety manager, ensuring any issues were resolved quickly and efficiently.


Parker Energy installed 2235 solar modules and 11 Solis Invertors which will generate 712,008 kwh per year. The project will cut Co2 emissions by 334,602 kg/year which equates to the same as approximately 8830 trees planted per year.

The replacement facility is due to be one of the most efficient of its kind, using the most effective, proven technology and highest possible standard of emissions cleaning technologies. This includes Selective Catalytic Reduction to control the emission of nitrogen oxides, as well as a combined wet / dry scrubbing system to capture particulates. It will be the first energy recovery facility in the UK to use these technologies and will be one of the safest and cleanest facilities in the country.

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