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We offer a full range of sustainable energy, and energy efficiency solutions to help reduce both your carbon emissions and energy costs.

Our expertise allows us to cover the full lifecycle of your project through feasibility, design, funding, installation, operation, and maintenance phases. Whatever the scale of your need, from domestic dwellings to commercial properties, we tailor our services to you.

We have highlighted some of our main sectors here, with further details of our project expertise found below.


  • Healthcare
  • Process
  • Retail
  • Government
  • Industrial
  • Heritage buildings
  • Financial services
  • MoD


Smart Energy Management

Our smart energy management systems ensure that you achieve the maximum efficiency possible from your current setup. Typically, our systems pay for themselves within two years through the savings made in reducing your energy usage.

Our automated building controls allow the adjustment of temperature and light levels to suit patterns of use and have been proven to reduce the energy consumption of a building by around 30%.


We are an authorised Tesla Powerwall Home battery installer. Powerwall is designed for the home and maximises your solar energy consumption, increasing your independence from the electricity grid.

Powerwall enables you to store excess energy generated from solar panels to use at another time and helps reduce your monthly electricity cost.

Powerwall is ultimately a state of the art battery system for residential and light commercial applications. Powerwall can also provide backup power in case of a grid outage. Powerwall is a UL-listed assembly that consists of lithium-ion battery cells, an isolated DC/DC converter, and a liquid thermal management system. Powerwall will also interface with a compatible inverter.

Since 2003, Tesla has developed significant expertise around the usage and safe deployment of lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles. That depth of knowledge is leveraged in Powerwall’s technology, allowing them to create a wall-mounted, low cost battery solution that includes a 10-year limited warranty.


The drive towards supplying power, light and heat from renewable sources is increasing rapidly.

Our Parker Energy division offers design and installation expertise for domestic clients all the way through to large scale industrial, commercial and retail operations.

Solutions include:

  • Solar Panels (Photovoltaic – PV)
  • Solar Thermal systems
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points
  • Air and Ground source heat pumps
  • Led & Lighting solutions
  • Voltage Optimisation
  • Variable speed drives
  • Biomass Boilers
  • Energy Measurement



We recognise the importance of a full structural survey where panels are to be installed on roofs. For this reason, we partner with a fully accredited roofing contractor which gives our clients peace of mind and the guarantee of a job professionally carried out.

The electrical installation is carried out by our own highly trained people. Our clients also have the reassurance that we are accredited under the Micro-Generation Certification Scheme which facilitates settlement of the “FIT” (Feed In Tariff) at the appropriate level for a 25 year period.

Our experience has seen us completing projects for owners of a residential property all the way through to multi-megawatt solar farms.



An air source heat pump takes heat from the air and boosts it to a higher temperature using a heat pump. This heat is then used to heat radiators, underfloor heating or even warm air convectors and hot water in your home.

The pump needs electricity to run, but the idea is that it uses less electrical energy than the heat it produces.

Ground source heat pumps are also available. They draw heat from the ground via a network of water pipes buried underground, usually in the garden of domestic properties.



Technology in lighting is changing the way that lighting systems are installed both new and retrofit. The opportunity to reduce the amount of power used through inefficient lighting systems has never been greater with the development of T5 and LED. Add to this occupancy sensors and daylight saving ensuring that lighting ramps up and down as required, can save up to 70% energy usage over traditional systems.

Offices, car parks, factories, schools, and hospitals to name a few, will all benefit from lighting surveys using the latest Technologies from the leading manufacturers. We regularly work with, Thorn, Thorlux, Whitecroft, JCC, Dextra, Wirefield, GE, and Osram amongst others.



Harnessing the power of the sun, clean and free solar energy can be captured using solar collectors, flat plates or evacuated tubes (vacuum), and used to transfer heat to a hot water cylinder, providing free hot water alongside conventional water heating systems.

Most solar thermal hot water systems are supplemented by a secondary supply, immersion heater or boilers.

These systems can be mounted “in roof” “on roof” or “framed”. Maintenance costs are usually very low, with most systems also benefitting from a five or ten year warranty. For a domestic user, typical savings on your energy bills are between £70 and £80 a year although savings will vary from user to user. Carbon savings of around 250 to 350 KgCO2/year are also readily achievable.

Solar thermal is also ideal for commercial installations in office blocks and factories where hot water is used on a regular basis. This technology is an agreed measure under the Green Deal, being eligible for financing.

Domestic solar thermal, provided it is installed by an MCS installer, has the potential to be awarded a payment of £600 under the RHPP (Renewable Heat Premium Payment).




Biomass makes us of organic material, in many cases the majority is wood in various stages. The use of wood as a modern source of energy, locally sourced, carbon-neutral and renewable, offers an excellent price-performance ratio.


For example, two kilograms of pellets will generate approximately the same heat as 1ltre of heating oil.

The main fuel sources are:

Pellets are the most compact form of wood energy and require the smallest storage capacity. High calorific value.

Untreated sawdust from sawmills, joineries and wood-processing facilities.

Mixed wood
Unprocessed mixture of woodchips and sawdust. Maximum size: G50

Shredded, untreated wood, with or without bark. Large storage capacity required. Maximum size: G50

We can provide individual boilers varying in scale from domestic to large commercial, but also pre-mounted skid built units for ease of installation, which cuts the downtime of any changeover.


We are fully qualified installers of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points and can provide a turnkey installation package for a range of units.

Research has shown that 82% of people are considering purchasing or leasing an electric vehicle in the future. For this to become reality there needs to be an adequate number of electric vehicle charging points available in towns, on public buildings and at workplaces and we’re happy that we can play our part in furthering this new technology.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss our portfolio of on and off-street, wall mounted, pedestal and ground mounted charging point units.


Modern wireless technology allows control of heating and lighting remotely from a smartphone, tablet or PC and automated systems can trigger adjustments in lighting and temperature to reflect room occupancy, avoiding the need to pay to heat and light a room that nobody is using.

We have a great deal of experience in this area, and are happy to be able to offer our customers the great energy savings this technology can bring.


We are specialists in the installation of Voltage Optimisation Systems, which can offer a reduction in energy usage of up to 15%. They work to supply the power demands of your equipment exactly, allowing equipment to run at its most efficient level, saving money and helping to reduce maintenance costs.


We are able to produce SBEM, SAP and EPC’s to rise to the challenges of the new Building Standards requirements for energy efficiency.


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