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Built Environment Services

We’ve been providing facilities maintenance and mechanical and electrical services for over a century. Our national team of onsite and mobile engineers provides hard services, maintenance, and repairs that keep our customers’ built environments operating smoothly and safely.

With a focus on efficiency, compliance and sustainability, we deliver an end-to-end service from inception, feasibility, and design, to installation and commissioning. Our specialist engineering services guarantee that our customers’ complex and regulated environments meet the highest safety performance and compliance standards.

We work with our customers to understand their operational priorities, enabling us to design customer-specific solutions for lifecycle asset management with a focus on whole-life cost. Our data-driven maintenance strategy is delivered through a team of highly experienced engineers, and our full range of renewable energy solutions is integrated into our standard operating model.


Facilities Maintenance

We provide integrated property maintenance and energy management solutions to ensure that facilities operate efficiently, effectively, sustainably and are compliant.

Mechanical & Electrical

We install, maintain and improve mechanical and electrical infrastructure to make buildings more sustainable, efficient and cost effective to run.

Renewable Energy

We deliver a complete range of energy and energy efficiency solutions to reduce environmental impact and enhance green credentials.


We operate across England, Scotland and Wales with seventeen offices and service centres located in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness, Burton on Trent, Swadlincote, Newcastle, Manchester, Warrington, Peterborough, Daresbury, Tapton, Leeds, Reading, Mildenhall, Whitehaven and Birmingham.

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