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Environmental, Social and Governance

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In business, and particularly in our sector, it’s important to understand how the work we do impacts the environment, our people and the communities that we work in. We’re committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our people and to minimising the impact on our communities and working sustainably.

Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report sets out our long-term ambitions and targets for ESG that will reinforce our values, strengthen our commitment and ensure the sustainability of our business.

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Environmental, Social and Governance Report ’23

We’re pleased to present our Environmental, Social, and Governance Report ’23. It’s our privilege to share with you our commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices and the progress we have made.

At Edwin James Group we firmly believe that our success should be measured not only by financial achievement but also by the positive impact we make on the world around us. This report is a testament to our dedication to sustainable excellence and outlines the initiatives, accomplishments, and strategies we’ve adopted to drive positive change.

In this report, you will read how our efforts have led to a 10% reduction in our carbon footprint with plans to go even further over the coming years. We are committed to delivering and encouraging positive social impact and fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace whilst continuing to provide excellent training through our EJ Academies – our Learning and Development pathway for all colleagues.

Thank you to our dedicated colleagues, partners, customers, and shareholders who have supported us in our efforts.  Together, we are building a more sustainable and responsible future.

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Edwin James Group Carbon Reduction Plan

Our Ambitions

1. Environmental Sustainability 

Accelerate the Group’s approach to Net Zero through industry leadership and innovation. 

2. Social Responsibility 

Ensure safe and healthy workplaces for our people, increase diversity and promote inclusion and develop our talent through training, coaching and mentorship. 

3. Corporate Governance 

Deliver the highest standards of governance through strong leadership geared towards creating value, driving transformation and delivering on our Environmental and Social ambitions.

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We are committed to doing our share to tackle climate change. We’ve set a challenge to achieve Net Zero and zero waste to landfill by 2030.

We’re making great progress and have initiatives in place to reduce emissions and cut waste:

  • 90% of our offices’ energy requirements are now from renewable sources
  • We’ve reduced emissions by 9% in our company-owned fleet
  • 35% of our company car fleet is fully electric
  • We’ve reduced Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 10%
  • We’ve doubled the number of hybrid or electric cars in our fleet and by providing better tracking and education we’ve encouraged more sustainable and safe driving behaviours.
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We are proud of our people, and the people on the front line that deliver the engineering excellence that we’re known for. We want to ensure that each and every one is individually valued and developing professionally.

We want our people to enjoy their career with us and embrace the ‘Apprentice to Board’ opportunities within the Group.

We have delivered +80,000 training hours last year alone for our colleagues.



We’re committed to creating a sustainable business through consistent and profitable growth and acting responsibly and transparently to all our stakeholders.

The four pillars of our governance system include:

  • Board leadership and company purpose
  • Robust internal control and risk management systems
  • Effective and rewarding remuneration
  • Consistent engagement with our stakeholders.

Our corporate governance system is subject to continuous checking and review, ensuring it is up to date with law and best practice.

Director’s statement

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  • Edwin James Group

    Safe working practice is non-negotiable. Whatever it takes, safety first.

  • Edwin James Group

    Exceeding the needs of our clients is fundamental to us. Going beyond what is expected, is key.

  • Edwin James Group

    Our people make the difference. We value them, train them and help them reach their potential.


We operate across England, Scotland and Wales with seventeen offices and service centres located in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness, Burton on Trent, Swadlincote, Newcastle, Manchester, Warrington, Peterborough, Daresbury, Tapton, Leeds, Reading, Mildenhall, Whitehaven and Birmingham.

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