Parker Technical Services’ 12-Month Social Impact Investment in Whitehaven

Two years ago, EJ Parker Technical Services established a new office along Whitehaven’s harbour. Their local business hub was born from an 18-year contract with the Programme and Project Partners (PPP) at Sellafield.

Since then, the team has made substantial contributions to social, environmental, and economic progress in West Cumbria. Their commitment aligns with the PPP’s vision of social impact — transformative effects that business actions have on individuals and the community, reflecting a steadfast dedication to regional development.

Let’s explore some of the remarkable initiatives the team has been part of!

TEGretail Hot Desk and Mentoring Support

Through their strategic position with Sellafield’s PPP, Parker Technical Services offered new start-ups the opportunity for hot desking and mentoring at their Whitehaven office. This initiative not only supports budding businesses with crucial knowledge and resources but also aligns with the PPP’s goal of fostering social impact through economic and entrepreneurial development.

Copeland Wage Subsidy Scheme

Collaborating with the Copeland Skills & Enterprise Partnership, Parker played a pivotal role in the Wage Subsidy Scheme, mentoring candidates and scouting new opportunities. This scheme supports the PPP’s vision by aiding small local businesses and unemployed individuals, creating pathways to employment and skill acquisition.. The team continues to provide mentoring as part of the scheme, with a positive response.

Creating Careers in Cumbria

Partnering with Morgan Sindall & Copeland Borough Council, Parker offered work placements that gave participants essential employment skills. This effort reflects the PPP’s social impact goals  by enhancing professional development and supporting the local workforce’s growth.

As part of the placement scheme, Parker offered a 4-week work opportunity to Bradley Beaty. During this period, Bradley shadowed individual from various departments, gaining  insight into the different roles. This included reception, Quality, QS, Engineering and Document Control.  Bradley actively participated in various tasks, was attended meetings and honed his skills, all while growing more confident in a professional office setting.

As part of the programme, the candidates also received support and advice to develop their CVs and interview techniques.

Boosting the Local Workforce

In an effort to strengthen the local community, Parker has prioritised hiring and promoting individuals from Whitehaven and its neighbouring areas. By employing local residents and recognising the talents of the existing team through internal promotions, Parker not only retains valuable skills within the region but also contributes to economic growth. Notably, three of the hires were previously employed by a local business that faced administration. Their journey to employment with EJ Parker began at a local careers fair hosted by Sellafield at West Lakes Science Park. This commitment to the community aligns with Parker’s social impact ethos and underscores their dedication to positive change.

PPP Internship Scheme

The PPP Internship Scheme at Parker Technical Services provided comprehensive professional development opportunities, including mentoring and practical experience in the construction industry. This programme is a direct embodiment of the PPP’s commitment to creating long-term, sustainable employment opportunities.

Maths Tutoring

Through the PPP Schools Programme, Parker volunteers contributed to enhancing educational outcomes for primary school students, directly impacting social development by addressing educational inequalities.

Keswick School Presentation Fair

Parker’s participation in the Keswick School Presentation Fair provided a platform for students to develop and showcase their skills, aligning with the PPP’s social impact goals by supporting educational achievement and development.

Role Model – Phoenix Youth Club

As role models for the Phoenix Youth Project, Parker volunteers embodied the PPP’s vision by influencing young people’s lives positively, encouraging personal development and community engagement.

Mock Interviews and World of Work

Parker’s involvement in mock interviews and the World of Work events, in partnership with Inspira, offered practical career insights to students, directly supporting the PPP’s aim to enhance employability skills and economic prospects for young people in West Cumbria.

These initiatives by Parker Technical Services demonstrate a robust commitment to Sellafield’s Programme and Project Partners social impact programme. These efforts create meaningful, positive transformations in the lives of individuals and the broader West Cumbria community.

Parker Whitehaven’s commitment extends beyond the present, driving lasting and significant change. Their 18-year partnership with Sellafield profoundly influences the region’s socio-economic fabric

We look forward to seeing what the next 12 months brings!